Where am I going wrong?

It seems with this pandemic going on the focus on businesses has turned to the internet. 

Is your website up to date?

Do you still feel the excitement and love for your website? Maybe you feel embarrassed?

Take a look, is your information current and relevant?

If you own a shop, could you be selling your products online? If you already do this, are they your current prices?

Here are some things to consider when thinking of changing or updating your website.

How far up on Google search engine are you?

If you haven’t updated anything recent and it is just sitting there stagnant then Google won’t rank your website very high.

Have you thought about blogging? If you blog on a regular basis then your website will have new content on it and will be ranked higher in a Google search.

Does your website mirror your business? 

You are getting high recommendations from your business, but your ideal clients don’t see that in your website. It can be confusing to them if they see your business on social media platforms and then when they come to your website it looks like a completely different business. Keep your branding consistent.

Is your website mobile responsive?

More and more people are looking for businesses on their phone or tablets. Your website needs to scale down and have a different layout for a mobile than it does for a desktop computer.

Is your website slow?

Did you know that we have between 3 and 7 seconds to grab the attention of our clients? If your website is slow at loading the client will click off and go elsewhere.

Are your clients booking you through your website?

On your home page you need to have a snappy headline telling them what you can do for them. On your home page, above the fold (before they have to scroll) have a Call To Action button. Tell your clients what you want them to do. “Book Now”, “Call Now”, “Shop Now”.

Does it look outdated?

Technology moves so quickly so something that looked amazing a couple of years ago could now look outdated. Your business may have grown and evolved but has your website grown with you?

Does Google know that you are there?

Can your business be found on google by more than just your business name?

Search engines, like Google, have robots called crawler or spiders that discover new sites. You need to make sure that your is Search Engine Optimise (SEO) ready. Google looks for high quality content, especially your Home page. It needs to help users immediately understand what your website is and about and how it meets their needs.

Make sure you use internal links to other pages on your website. Think of your website as your home and you are the hostess and need to show them around your home.

Include images and videos on your website. 

Submit a sitemap to Google. 

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